Round Rock Dental Implants

Dental implants can have several advantages which include:

  1. Improved oral function – They allow jaws and the rest of your teeth to work as normal.
  2. Prevent/reduce bone loss – It stimulates dormant bone tissue into new growth and production.
  3. Able to eat what you want – You can eat all kinds of food with confidence due to the unidirectional tooth movement.
  4. Better dental hygiene – They don’t affect the adjacent natural teeth and are easier to keep clean as well.
  5. Improved facial appearance – They stop facial muscles from sagging due to aging. They also stimulate new bone tissue production which acts as a stable base for the implant.
  6. Boost your confidence and self-esteem – They restore the appearance of your face to its former glory.
  7. No worries about slippage or problems with eating – No more badly fitted dentures which is highly valuable for comfort.
  8. Convenient – With implants you no longer have to worry about becoming loose and dealing with dentures falling out, thus highly improving daily life.
  9. Long lasting – Implants are durable and can last up to 25 years as the failure-rate is extremely low.
  10. Comfortable – These are as comfortable as your natural tooth as they don’t move like dentures. They remain fixed like natural tooth and fit in well with the rest of the teeth. However, they may not always feel exactly the same as a natural tooth when pressure is applied though they are a vast improvement over dentures.